IT Consulting Toronto & Surrounding Areas

IT is a support business - we help support businesses in Toronto through effective use of technology and IT consulting; this is why our work caters to what your business does, instead of the other way around. We take this very seriously, and we put in a great deal of effort to get to know you and your company before we start carrying out operations on a large scale - this way you can be assured we will do the job right from the first time.

Aerospace and defense

This line of work clearly requires a great of security in place. We will work diligently to create robust, secure systems and prevent unauthorized access and intrusion attempts using the latest software and hardware on the market.


There is lots of data and trade secrets involved in the automotive industry - this is why you will need not only security, but a wide range of data storage techniques. We can help supply and maintain this equipment.


People need to be able to trust their financial institution and to be assured that the data retained is always correct and untampered. With our help, you can put in place a secure data access method, coupled with a high-grade backup system to be able to give your customers the peace of mind they need.

Chemicals and petroleum

MSDS databases, safety forms, and shipment records must all be available 24/7 in this field. We can make it happen using a series of redundant servers and backup systems.

Consumer products

Getting your products out the door requires a great deal of organization; this organization is probably helped, at least in part by some sort of specialized software. We are comfortable supporting your product and working with the support team of whatever company manufactures this software.


In the electronics industry, AutoCAD drawings, flow charts, and other pieces of information are the most crucial parts of the job. You must be reassured that your products are compatible within the office, and that you have everything you need to get your job done. This is why you need a knowledgeable IT staff to carry out any updates that are required; to make sure there is no downtime and to make sure all these features will indeed be accessible after any changes.

Energy and utilities

We have a large energy client, and we have been with them for over four years (and counting); supporting their infrastructure and all their needs. We can give you the same support, the same great service, that will make you want to keep us around for longer and longer. We guarantee you will be happy with our service.

Financial markets

In the financial business, such as with banks, security and redundancy are the biggest priorities. Data must be secure and accessible if the business is to succeed. We can help you achieve this. Give us a call, and let us explain how.

Healthcare and life sciences

Having a failsafe system is mandatory in this field - we can deliver it and exceed your expectations. We have experience with real-time operating systems and administration, and maintenance of these systems. If you're just starting out, we can offer consulting for these systems and even install them and configure them for you as you need.


Handling large amounts of money? Need your workstations to be secure against phishing, data loss, and hackers? Let us put your mind at ease.

Media and entertainment

Got tonnes of specialized software that needs to be maintained and installed? Need the assurance that it will work with minimal downtime? Not only are we experienced in the IT world but we do design and work with media ourselves. We know what it's like in your shoes - this will help us deliver an effective solution for you


Whether it's servers with databases of your products and prices, website servers, or in-store workstations, you need the information to be available and accurate. There must be a relatively secure method of access in place and a high availability of information. A robust UPS system combined with a well-maintained server will definitely suit your needs for this. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to call us.


In the telecommunications industry, IT is the core of it all. You need the security of a bank and the redundancy of a hospital. This is not a problem for us, as we have done it before and we're ready to do it again. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to assist you.

Travel and transportation

Integrated systems, complex networks, and redundant servers are probably what you're looking for - we would be glad to help you out with these tasks and more. Just give us a call, and see what we can do for you.

Wholesale distribution

Using CRM software to track clients? Need help managing constantly-growing databases? We have experience with Microsoft Dynamics, and many other products that are probably relevant to your work.